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Our milk is brewed freshly on demand, we use organic raw almonds which we grind and mix together with alkaline water. 


A wonderful alternative for someone who is lactose intolerant. Almond contain healthier benefits to traditional milk because of the protein and vitamins they contain. 


๐Ÿš 1 bowl of rice ,#OKOR

  • Shelf life

    Please consume the drink within a period of 7-10 days after receiving the beverage from us.

  • Returns

    Please note that we will accept your used bottles as part of our efforts to reduce waste and reuse the bottles for the environment. Do give us a timing of two days to collect the bottles from you.

    Do refer to our action page for more information on our 2R efforts to help the environment.

  • Delivery timing

    Delivery will be made two days after the purchase. This is to ensure the freshness of the product as we brew our beverages on demand.

    For any special requests, please email directly to us or contact us through our Facebook page or Whatsapp.

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