Why our coffee?

We use organic white coffee beans from Ipoh, the capital city of the state of Perek in Malaysia.


The beans are roasted with margarine that brings out a mellow and smooth taste in the coffee.

We also use alkaline water in the production of our coffee.

The alkaline water of pH 9.5 reduces the acidity level of local coffee which contains a pH of 5.0.

Making the overall drink more neutral on the pH scale.

Hence, by combing these two elements we reduce the sour taste and health risks you usually get from coffee.

Image by Daniel Curran

Cold Brew Coffee

Why cold brew?

Several reasons for choosing the cold brew method:

a)  The coffee produces a mildly sweet taste, unlike a sour ice black coffee.

This due to the lower level of acidity due to the slow extraction process which causes less oil to be extracted.

Reducing issues with acid reflux, heartburn, muscle wasting, lessening stroke levels and damage to your digestive tracts.

It also decreases the likelihood of coffee stains on your teeth.

b) Reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is the disease that causes bones to become weak and brittle, resulting in the bone losing strength and density.

c) Low LDL Cholesterol levels

LDL Cholesterol increases the risk of stroke and heart diseases. Unlike regular unfiltered brewed coffee, Cold Brew Coffee contains a lower level of LDL Cholesterol.

d) Cold Brew Coffee contains more antioxidants than regular coffee, why?

This is because the brewing method preserves a higher level of chlorogenic acid within the coffee. 

Which helps to lower blood pressure, lose weight and reduces the sugar level of the body.

Image by Rinck Content Studio

Brewing Process

The Coffee Beans are brought in whole from Ipoh. We personally grind the coffee beans by hand using an old school coffee grinder.

The beans are then put into a tightly closed flask, in which we pour our alkaline water to mix the two compounds together.

The coffee is then left to brew in our refrigerator at 10°C for up to 23 hours.

Once the coffee is brewed, we then extract the coffee concentrate and pour them into our professionally packed bottles.

Once preparation is complete, we deliver the drink to your doorstep immediately.