One Kilo of Rice

Rice is a daily staple food as part of our Asian culture.

Many countries in the ASEAN region such as Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam have citizens from all walks of life who consume rice. 

Rice is the cheapest source of energy to go about our daily routine, but many are unable to afford this commodity.

Love Cold Brew believes in providing a bridge between YOU and the NEEDY. To create a platform where a portion of YOUR purchase goes to buying rice for the less fortunate.

Hence, for every product that we listed, an indicator is listed in the description to inform you of how much rice is given to the needy.

We also commit ourselves to travel to rural areas where the needy do not have convenient access to rice.

To also be transparent to our partners on this journey with us, we will film a live feed* of us making the trip down to where the needy resides and hand over the purchased rice to them.

So do follow us on our social media platforms, to learn of the updates and know that you have touched the heart of others.

*Each contributor will be mentioned during the feed.